Website Design Questionnaire

Part I - About Your Company

Tell me a little about your company

This assumes you're either in the process of acquiring a domain name and you're happy to manage it on your own, or that you require a website wireframe/mock-up/design concept only.

In either case, I'd be happy to accommodate whatever your design needs may be. If you have any particular specific needs, let's have a chat.

The necessary domain name searches will be performed and the results of their availability and pricing will be confirmed with you prior to any purchases being made.
This is your elevator pitch; how you would describe your business in less than 30 seconds. If you don't have one as yet, this is a great opportunity to come up with one!
How do your products help to set your business apart from that of your competitors? Why do you think your customers buy from you?

Part II - About your Website

Tell me a little about what you want for and from your website.

Just a ball-park figure is ok.
Are you planning to primarily market or sell your services or products, provide information to your customers, build a community, or something else?
Consider all relevant groupings such as, age, gender, industry, etc.

Part III - Additional Info

Some description about this section

I.e., adding content, updating the platform and any plugins, keeping things running smoothly, and timely resolution of any unforeseen issues.

The On-going Support & Maintenance Service is provided as a monthly subscription service where both automated and manual site checks are performed on a regular basis to ensure the site and its associated modules, plug-ins, add-ons, processes, etc. are running smoothly and trouble free at nominal fee of $15 a month (+GST).

In the event of major issues that affect the site in a negative manner and access to the site is severely restricted, or cut off completely, an investigation will be conducted at the earliest possible time and the findings will be communicated to you with any recommended immediate course of action.

Additional support fees may apply if troubleshooting & resolution efforts extend beyond one hour, where the fault cannot be directly linked to any action (or lack thereof) on my part.

While every possible attempt will be made to ensure a quick and painless resolution, if additional hours are indeed required beyond the first hour, these will be charged at a rate of $30 per hour (+GST). You will however, be notified for approval prior to any further work being carried out.

In the unlikely event that a failure can indeed be linked to something I did (or did not do) while performing my regular support & maintenance duties, no additional costs will be incurred on your part to get things back up and running.

Additional support is, however, still available at additional cost if you encounter any major issues. Simply get in touch.

Great! Once we get the site is up and running, we will work out a suitable time to set up a training session to help get you familiarised with all the necessary regular maintenance tasks required to keep the site up and running smoothly.

Include any and all additional necessary assets (stock photography, typefaces, artwork, etc.).
i.e. Logos, business cards, brochures, etc.

This assumes there is no existing set style. Let me know if you have any specific style requirements, or if you're happy to have me take artistic license. ☺


Just a few more questions and then, if you're happy with the content you've provided above, all that's left is to send it off.

eMail will be sent to the Contact eMail provided in Part I of this form.

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