1. Starting off right…

    By engaging the services of AAO Design for your graphic design needs, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. They explain the rules and expectations that apply to our working relationship.

  2. What I’ll do…

    1. I will do my absolute best to create awesome designs for you, if you as long as you give me all the details and materials I need to work on your project. I’ll make sure to ask you when I need some info.
    2. I will do my absolute best to try to stick to the agreed-upon deadlines and deliver top-notch work as long as you provide me with timely and usable information when I need it. I will make sure to clearly communicate what I need, when I need it. 
    3. I will do my best to make a detailed and complete brief of the project, and share it with you to ensure you get exactly what you’re after. If, however, you require extra services or ask for changes that go beyond the contents of the initial brief once work on the project has started, these may incur additional fees and may extend the project deadline.
  3. What I’ll need from you…

    1. You agree to compensate me the outlined and agreed-upon fees for my services. I will outline the total project cost, payment schedule, and accepted payment methods in a Design Contract document.
    2. You agree to ensure invoices are paid within the period outlined in the Design Contract and Invoices, unless we’ve worked out other arrangements.
    3. You agree to pay a late fee if an invoice payment is late. Fee details will be outlined in the Design Contract document. I will, however, of course be happy to work out other arrangements if you let me know of any issues in advance.
  4. Who owns what…

    1. Once project fees have been paid in full, and unless we’ve made other arrangements, you will own the final design. I however, will retain ownership of any preliminary designs, concepts, sketches, etc. Details will be outlined in the Design Contract document.
    2. Where appropriate, and where agreed upon, I may also choose to showcase the final design in my portfolio, website, social media, and other promotional material.
  5. Keeping things confidential…

    1. I promise to keep your information confidential to the best of my ability, and I won’t share any information with anyone unless the law requires me to.
    2. Where appropriate and applicable, you agree to provide me with any confidential or secret information I need to ensure completion on your project.
  6. Limitation of Liability

    1. I am in no way responsible for any indirect or special damages that may arise from your engaging my services.
    2. If something does go wrong and you make a claim against me, my liability will be limited only to the total amount you’ve paid me at the time the issue arises.
  7. If things go awry…

    If either one of us messes up and fails all attempts, or refuses to address, and fix an issue within the period specified in the Design Contract document after being informed of the issue, the other party can end this agreement by giving written notice. I will of course do my very best to ensure we don’t get to this stage, and expect you’ll do the same and let me know if any issues arise at any point.

  8. Laws & stuff…

    This agreement is governed by the laws of the Australian Capital Territory. If any disputes arise, they will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the ACT.

By reading and accepting these terms, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you engage my services.
Full details and information will be provided prior to commencement of the project.
I very much value your business and want to ensure a positive experience for all involved. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, feel free to contact me.

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